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High Horsepower Engine

Just a few of our high-horsepower engine customers include INNIO, GE Power, Wabtec and Wartsila. These companies have trusted Impro to make mission-critical components for their high-horsepower engines. Impro delivers value to customers via our unique one-stop-shop business models. We offer:

  • On-site engineering support
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Mold design and production
  • Casting
  • Secondary machining
  • Heat and surface treatment
  • Metallography and metrology
  • Product certification
  • Warehousing and supply chain support

Impro Capabilities for the High-Horsepower Engine Sector

Engines with power outputs higher than 500 HP are considered to be high horsepower. The high-horsepower engines are used to power airplanes, nuclear power stations, data centers and cargo ships, and ranges measuring between 100,000 and more than 1 million HP.

Impro specializes in manufacturing investment castings, sand castings, and precision machined components for applications that include:

  • Oil and gas for pumps, drills, power modules, and workover rigs
  • On-highway trucks, off-highway vehicles, and rail locomotives serving the construction, agriculture, mining, and rail transportation industries
  • Power generator sets for providing emergency backup, critical standby, prime power, or peak shaving to industries such as healthcare, cargo ships, manufacturing, mining, water, and wastewater treatment, government facilities, and large commercial buildings

The high-horsepower engine products we manufacture, such as:

  • Cylinder heads (can be manufactured using a range of materials and complex geometry)
  • Engine blocks
  • Manifolds
  • Components for fuel systems
  • Components for emission control systems


Manufacturer of Precision Casting & Machining Components | Impro Precision



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