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Sand Casting


Process Weight Range Suitability Process Parameter
IMF Automatic
Resin Sand Molding
20~220 KG Size range: 100-800 mm, wall
thickness above 5 mm
Flask size:
1200x800x500/500 mm;
9 molds/hour
IMF Automatic
Resin Sand Molding
50~300 KG Suitable for medium and large sized ductile iron, grey iron and CGI products Flask size:
1600×1200×600/600 mm;
4 molds per hour
IMF Automatic
Resin Sand Molding
1~8 T Suitable application:
V-type and Line Engine cylinder block
Flask size:
4200×3200×1000/1000 mm
5 molds per hour
Sinto FBO Automatic Green Sand Molding Line 0.5~20 KG Suitable for medium-volume and small and medium sized castings Flask size:
610×508×250/250 mm
80 molds per hour
IZ149 Molding Line 1~100 KG Suitable for various castings from low to high volume Flask size:
900×700×300/300 mm
60 molds per hour
Resin Sand Manual
Molding, Pit Pouring
0.5~20 T Suitable for low-volume castings and prototypes – 150 molds per hour for the small parts
– 45 molds per hour for the large

Detailed product description for resin sand castings:

  • Cylinder Block: All types of inline and “V” type up to 3,200 kg per piece, raw or machined.
  • Cylinder Heads: From 40 kg per piece to 300 kg per piece, multi-cored, raw or machined.
  • Hydraulic valve bodies
  • Gear Box parts
  • Other complex cored castings up to x tons
  • Machine molding, manual molding

Medium to High Volume Green Sand Casting

Our machine molded castings department manufactures castings with a weight from 0.5 kg to 20 kg

Detailed product description for green sand castings:

  • Hydraulic valve bodies
  • Gear Box parts
  • Planet carrier
  • Steering knuckles
  • List other primary products
  • Other complex cored castings up to 30kg
  • Machine molding, manual molding

Our services include:

  • Material advisory service and development
  • Technical advice on design and casting
  • 3-D CAD drawings
  • Simulations
  • Cavity fill, solidification, tension and distortion
  • Component machining
  • Assembly
  • Testing and qualification
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